Know the knitter

     In between bathtime, kissing boo-boos, and baking my life away, I knit.  Whenever a moment is spared, my needles are clicking.  I love to learn new things, new techniques, and God continues to inspire me to better my skill.  He has given me a great gift of being able to learn at a very fast rate, and how to put my best quality in each piece.  Like my mom has told me: "work like you're working for God..." I pour myself into everything I make, no matter how time consuming.  I've learned that being particular in your products pays off in the long run.  I knit a lot, crochet a little, and sew even less, but my goal is for the customers to want to keep my items...for a long time.   
      I have learned a lot about business from my mom and grandma, and I finally feel like I am ready to offer my own handmade creations.  They are such an inspiration to me, since they have followed the Lord's every direction with their business, which has benefited them greatly.  He continues to bless them, as I hope He will do with my endeavors.
     On the less-businessy side, I am happily married to the World's Funniest Man, Zach, who is also the most devoted father and supportive husband.  He has given me the smartest and silliest train-obsessed little man, and an always smiling, always hungry baby girl.  I've traded-in owning and running three transportation businesses for a full-time apron and knitting needles, and I believe that it is the best move I have made as a wife and mother.