Friday, April 19, 2013

Putting it out there!

Okay, it's official--items are for sale! I've listed a handful of items I have completed, and there's even more on the way! These items are featured on the website, Thread Bears®, and available for purchase on Etsy. Click on the pictures or captions if you wish to view the listings:
This adjustable headband is so light and airy that it can be worn
year-round.  The pale mint hue is the perfect compliment for any
little outfit.
This collar makes a lovely alternative to a drool bib!
When it's not being used to catch drool for younger ones, it makes a lovely
finishing touch for a toddler's outfit! Fits most children 6 months- 5 years.
I also have a couple of simple, spring-friendly cowls that have just-right luxurious touches
And I'm hoping there is someone out there who is more
with-it when it comes to Christmas Shopping than I am!
This very large stocking will match any Christmas decor,
and still look great kept out year-round!
Check back for more items coming soon!

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