Friday, May 10, 2013

Sidebar: Sewing

While I'm putting the finishing touches on a few more knitted goods and waiting for a tear-less, teething model, I've decided to go a little off-topic.  So, I sew... a little.  I may eventully get ambitious and decide to add some sewn-on details to my knitted items.  Who knows, maybe I'll just use my skills to sew a lining in a cabled purse or something. Anyways, after dealing with two broken sewing machines this last week, I've finished six throw pillows, a roman shade, and have made almost all of the linens in my daughter's nursery (including the curtains).  After making all of the pillows, I think that zippers can just go kick rocks.  All in all, everything turned out, but I think I'll stick to my knitting!
Baby-girl's Babushka Nursery
Double-sided, paprika-hued sofa pillows 

Bright Green Bedroom Throw Pillows



  1. Her nursery looks so wonderful, if only I could be there to see it in person! I wish I could've had a nursery like that for you and your sisters.

  2. Thanks! I get my good taste from my mom ;)