Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bits of an Inspiring Road Trip

After a month-long "vacation," my items are back on Etsy and ready to be bought up for the Fall! I have a couple of goodies in the works that are pumpkin-pie-, oak-leaf-, and crisp-air-inspired.

Though at times it still feels like we are experiencing those dogs days of summer here in the Southwest, I got to experience the soon-comings of Autumn on my month-long road trip.  But I don't know if it is really considered a vacation when you are trying to entertain two children under four years, I mean, how many wild horses or fields of corn can you really try to get their attention with... And somewhere around Minnesota we realized our GPS was just messing with us. So we resorted to the ol' fallback--the atlas.

But the slight change in the colors of the leaves, the feel of the Midwest's cool and brisk mornings, the taste of the sweet, fresh pumpkin butter, and watching the kids collect the fallen acorns and maple leaves on our daily walks--all of it has me inspired.

I'm hoping to feel even more inspired with my cozy knits in the very near future, since I am leaving this desert and relocating to a part of the country that actually has seasons! Fargo is definitely a contender right now. And so is basically all of Minnesota and Michigan.
The drive from Romeo, MI was still bright green and barely dappled with golds and reds. But it was still beautiful.
Here in the Southwest, the leaves start to change colors closer to Christmas, and Halloween usually entails trick-or-treat-ers sweating their makeup off. But, no more lighting a cinnamon-apple candle and watching Fantastic Mr. Fox for Fall inspiration! I will soon be able to look out my door to see everything that Autumn has to offer. Another bonus: I will be much closer to my Michigander family!

The kiddos with grandma and grandpa at Westview Orchards in Michigan, enjoying the finer things in life like family, fresh fudge, and peach ice cream. Grant is eyeing the fudge, obviously.
And, well, you know everyone has to see this at least once.

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